I really hate having to jump through a dozen pages looking for the syntax and then repeating the process next time when I again run into the same problem. While I can’t know the whole syntax by heart, I can surely make the search process convenient. The idea is the following: everytime I look for the sytax, I am going to add the useful links to this page. That way, I won’t have to search the same stuff over and over again. I’ll add more content to this page as I run into problems in Python programming.


  • Share axis and figure size
    fig, (ax1, ax2) = plt.subplots(2,1, sharex=True, figsize=(x_size, y_size)) # (6, 12) is good enough for two plots vertically aligned.
    ax1.plot(<plot 1>)
    ax2.plot(<[plot 2>)
  • Markers