I just wanted to write a regular blog post but it took me 20 minutes to get to this line.

My computer has slowed down since the last week. I don’t know what’s happening. I am using Manjaro Testing, which clearly means that the version I use is in the testing stage. There’s also a stable version, which is meant for people who don’t want their system to break, but in my opinion there is more fun on the testing branch.

Anyway, the slowing down of my computer could be due to the last system update, or it could be be due to my browser – Brave. I use the beta version of Brave. Again, there is a stable version of Brave but a couple of weeks ago I switched to the beta version so that I can contribute to its development at least by reporting issues on the forum.

I think the problem is caused by Brave because it has been doing crazy things in the last couple of days. It becomes irresponsive. The audio in the YouTube videos keeps playing but the video freezes. The laptop screen starts flickering and so on. A lot has been happening in the last couple of days. But I also didn’t get a Brave update lately. I am confused. I’ll report this issue in the Brave community with some screenshots and videos. Just to put it out, Brave is an awesome browser and that’s why I use it. If these issues are due to Brave it’s because I am using the beta version, which is supposed to give surprises.

I just restarted my computer and the issue of my computer being a snail got resolved. Now when I went on to start writing, I realized that I need a separate page for each of the two categories I have – Blog and Articles. I had been thinking of doing this since the last week but I was just being lazy. This was very easy to do and was unworthy of the laziness I was showing. I just copied my “All posts” layout and added an if condition to it for the Articles and the Blog page. Basically, it says, loop through all the posts and if the category of the post is “articles”, show it on the page. Same thing for “Blog” category. And that was it. Simple.

Photo of my desk

So, this picture shows what my desk currently looks like, except the warped laptop. My phone’s camera made it look like that. The jug and the glass steal the highlight, though. Everything else is just regular stuff. It’s summer and Indians love mangoes. The jug had a glass of leftover mango shake from the dinner. My mother always leaves some for me so that I can have it as a snack while I work till late night.

What’s happening now a days? My MSc project, and I have to finish by 31 July. That’s what’s up. I am really glad that it’s going to be over soon. It’s not that I hated it. It’s just that I just want to move on to some other stuff. I am thinking of leaving Indian academia. At this point I want to stay in academia only if I get to leave India. Anyway that’s a topic for a longer discussion. I have had this discussion with myself, friends, and family, and I have almost made my mind. Where am I heading? Industry.

Also, I am stressed out because of the approaching deadline.