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Tum ho toh… gaata hai dil, tum nahi… toh geet kahan.

Tum ho toh… hai sab haasil, tum nahi… to kya hai yahan.

I have a meeting in the afternoon with my project advisor. I was working on the project and thought of taking a break. Working in the night has a different kind of lonliness attached to it. Back in TIFR, I could always find someone roaming around. One permanent guy was Shrey. We used to sit in the same room, D429. and he too works in the night. So I always had company. But there was one more guy on our floor. He’s a PhD candidate. Duh! Almost all of the TIFR students are PhD candidates, but still.

In D429, we had an electric kettle and we drank way too much coffee. So one night we were making coffee and the aroma brought the PhD guy into our room. It turned out that the PhD guy also works at night. We bonded well and from then onwards we used to have the “late night chat” breaks around this time while sipping hot coffee. That’s why I call these posts a “Late night chat”.

Alright, back to work.

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