Today was somewhat relaxing. I didn’t sleep last night as I was working on the project. I managed to get some results and showed them to Girish. The results weren’t perfect so I couldn’t convince him to do what I was planning. But still, it was progress and that’s why the day was a bit relaxing.

I eased up a bit after that, had lunch and went to sleep around 2:30 pm. I wanted to have some good sleep so that I can work in the night. My sleep got broken around 7:00 pm, which is my cycling time. I got up, went for a ride with my friend, came back and had dinner.

I am going to work all night. Girish wants me to wrap up the project report by Monday or Tuesday.

Actually I am thiking about what I should do. It’s getting very hot and humid around here. If I decide to work in the night then I would have to work in another room that doesn’t have an AC. Working in the night also means that I would have to sleep during the day and just like what happened today, I don’t get enough sleep during the day.

Okay, I am going to sleep in the night.