I am not feeling like writing today. I usually write around 9 pm, after having dinner. Today, after dinner I went straigt to my laptop because I am planning to have two different OSs installed – one for work and one for personal use. I am doing this because I realised that I spend too much time just playing around and customising things. From now onwards, I’ll have a work OS in which I’ll do almost no customisation. I’ll use it just for work. The other OS will be highly customised and will basically act as my playground. Having two separate spaces should increase my productivity but let’s see what happens. I am not done with the new OS yet. I have just installed it today. I’ll move my non-work stuff after I am done with my project presentation.

MSc project

I submitted the report. Finally!

Today was my day off. Girish had told me to submit the report by Monday and to take two days off. I couldn’t finish the report by Monday so I also worked on Tuesday. I submitted the report at 1 am, slept till late in the morning, woke up and did nothing throughout the day.


I was not feeling like doing anything today, partly because I had a break-up recently and I am sad. Two months had passed and things had started to settle down, but then I got in touch with her again. We talked for two days and decided that we should not try to regain what we had. We are not getting together again but that brief chat healed some wounds that we gave to each other two months ago. Unlike last time, this time the talk ended with the feeling of love and affection but the sadness came back. It’s going to take some time before things regain normality.