I am writing this post as I wait for the torrent download to complete. I am going to watch The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug. I was in school the last time I watched any part of The Hobbit and have forgotten pretty much all of it. I have never been good with remembering things, so that’s not unusual for me. In the last month I felt like watching a movie and, after some thought, I decided upon watching part 1 of The Hobbit.

So what happened in the past two days? I had a meeting with Girish yesterday and we discussed about my project presentation. I have to give a presentation in the front of three panelists on July 30 and after that I’ll be a free man. Well, not quite. I’ll keep working with Girish even after that until December or so, as we are going to write a paper on what we did in the past one year, but I’ll be free from academic formalities.

Now that I am going to be out of college, I’ll have more time to do stuff. There are a lot of things that I want to do:

  • Get this website out of beta. Spend a few weeks to make major changes and be done with the building part.
    • I want to learn web designing and, I guess, this website will teach me atleat the CSS and HTML part. I’ll learn Javascript later if I feel the need to put some fancy effects on this website.
  • Learn Python by teaching. I am using Python since the last year but I don’t have a proper structure in my mind and I never made notes of what I am doing. I have recently added a page on this website titled “Frequently used stuff in Python” but now it’s kind of late to populate it. Also, it won’t be a proper handbook even if I put stuff in it. It would just be a cheat-sheet. As a solution to this problem, I want to make a course about Python that I can also refer to if needed. I would then use it as a personal handbook.
  • I want to get started with Machine Learning. I started learning it a few months back but then I stopped, thinking that I’ll resume after I am done with MSc.
  • I want to learn the basics of web scraping because 1) it’s cool and 2) I need it for the next item in the list.
  • I have a project idea that I want to implement. It’s going to involve a backend and a frontend. I think I would be able to get the backend ready by using C++ and python but I would have to learn Java for the frontend. Anyway, I need to have a good grasp over Python to do this, so it will be done after I have my Python handbook ready and have brushed up my C++ knowledge. Other than Java, Python, C++, and a lot of hours, I will also need web scraping and possibly Machine learning for this.
  • I have one more idea that would require similar things as the previous point. Maybe these two can be combined into one. Maybe not. I don’t know.
  • Aah, I forgot about this one. This should have been the first point in the list but let’s keep this list honest. I need to find a job or a PhD position. Man, this is the real burden. I’ll start searching after I am done with my MSc degree. I am already feeling sad.

I was mostly inactive today. Basically didn’t do anything related to my presentation. That’s why I was feeling guilty and thought of watching The Hobbit. Sadly, the internet speed is not very good today and download is still at around 50%.