It’s 02:37 (Jul 28) and I am working on the presentation. I have a mock presentation at 16:00 in front of my advisor’s research group (him, students and postdocs). I was supposed to start preparing on Friday, but me being me started working yesterday (almost 21:00).

I am half way through and it’s going pretty well. I am feeling confident. I am going to do an experiment today. My work had just too much algebra. Too many equations for me to understand and too many to explain to people. So I am going to skip all the complicated equations and will just tell them a story, keeping the minimum number of equations. Now that I am talking about this, let me tell you that one equation is so long that it doesn’t fit in one slide. Even worse, I don’t understand that equation. I am just going to skip the whole thing.

Anyway, as I said, I just completed half of the work so I thought of taking a break. I usually keep a stock of snacks because I feel hungry when I work till late in the night. Sadly, there’s nothing in the kitchen today other than cockroaches.

Cockroach cockroach everywhere not a Krack Jack to be seen.

UPDATE (03:09): Having milk.

I have been drinking a lot of milk since the past couple of weeks – chilled milk. I don’t drink much water throughout the day so I feel thirsty when I come back from cycling. But I have dinner immediately after so can’t drink water at that time. So what is happening is that I drink milk twice after having dinner, almost 1 litre (500 ml X 2). Today mumma left some more for me in the fridge because there were no snacks left and I had told her that I am not going to sleep.