Five minutes ago I was just sitting in a chair and staring at my desk. That’s when I looked at this pamphlet.


We have a lifestyle store in our town owned by Reliance Industries Limited, and I really like the logo of this company. I was just staring at it, thinking how sensible this logo is, considering the fact that Reliance Petroleum is a major name in petrochemicals industry. It’s a very simple logo with a flame and a cloud-like arch over that. I really like it, I thought. But then I noticed something that was aesthetically unpleasing to my eyes.

Notice how the arch ends on the right hand side of the flame. It’s flat, unlike the pointy left hand side. At first, I thought:

Hmm, that’s sort of inconsistent. I don’t like it. They could have ended the arch in a smoother way. If they wanted to imitate a cloud using an arch, they could have made that arch better, with a pointy right hand side and flame at the centre.

Notice that the flame is not horizontally centred in the logo. But then I thought:

This also makes some sense. Maybe they wanted to imitate a brush stroke. If you draw that arch with a thin and round brush, that’s what you would get. Hmm, maybe.

I didn’t like the flat ending of the arch on the right side of the flame. It bothered me. I couldn’t make sense of it. I understand that logos don’t have to make sense but this looked like a well crafted logo, a sensible logo. I thought about it for a minute and then it hit me. Before reading any further, take a good look at the logo again. What do you see? Just think and keep that in mind. I realised that the flame and the arch combined make “R”. It blew my mind.

This is such a great logo, a very sensible and meaningful one. There is flame which shows the presence of the company in petrochemical industries since 1990s. The part that I initially identified as a “cloud-like” thing now appears to me as a sphere, imitating the globe. It shows the company’s global presence. It initially appeared to me as a decorative arch because I was taking the space taken by the inscribed “R” as empty space. And the “R”, of course, is the initial letter of the company’s name.

Whatever I think about this logo might be completely wrong. Maybe they just wanted to make a fancy arch over the flame, or maybe there is no flame in the logo. But this logo is too good for these maybes to be true. This is a big company and they wouldn’t want to have a random bullshit logo.

Maybe this “R” appeared instantly to you. This maybe can be true. Maybe you didn’t have to look so hard at the logo to find a “R” there.

Just a side note, I also like the name – Reliance. It sounds good, feels good and is meaningful.