Some changes in the website. I added a new post category today – Work.

I have a very bad work ethic. I am lazy. I procrastinate too much. My boss tells me to do something but I spend all the time doing something else. I always feel that I am not interested in doing what I have been told to do. At least this was almost always the case when I was doing projects in TIFR. In the first project, autumn semester of 2018, I worked really hard but that project was mentally exhausting. During that time I decide to leave TIFR.

In the next semester, spring 2019, I did a project because I was required to do so, as per the requirements of TIFR coursework. During this project, my excuse for not working dedicatedly was that I didn’t like what I was doing and that I was doing it just because I had to.

In the next academic year, 2019-2020, I worked on my Master’s thesis. In the beginning I liked what I was doing. I wanted to continue working in that field. I liked my advisor. I liked the field. But overall this year was a mess. I had anxiety problems, lost interest in what I was doing, lost confidence and thought of quitting Physics. So I was again at the same point – I started disliking what I was doing. I again got the same excuse for not working hard on my project.

Now that I am a free bird, I want to see if I can really dedicate myself to a project. I want to see if the problem was with my bosses or the problem is with me. I have a few projects lined up for the coming months, some are personal projects and some are required to make my CV look good to my future employers. I want to see how much effort I’ll put into these projects.

So what am I going to do with this new category? I am going to be my own employer. I’ll report to myself. This will also give me a taste of being self employed.

I wanted to give an update about a lot of other things but I can’t focus with Kapil Sharma’s show playing in front of me. Some dance show was running before that. Usually I go to the other room while writing but today I was not feeling like leaving the AC room.