What’s up

  • After thinking about buying health insurance for my parents for the past one year I am finally going to buy it within next 7 days.
  • I am planning to apply for some jobs. I am updating my profiles on job ad websites.
  • I am planning to make the source code of my website open source. I didn’t do it initially because I didn’t want my project advisor to know that I have a website. My website is hosted on GitHub and he would have found out by looking at the frequency of commits. Anyway, I’ll release it’s code as a Jekyll template. Anyone could then fork it to make their website.
  • I am planning to make a professional website. Nothing fancy, just a non-personal website hosted on GitHub that will use the same theme as this website. I’ll simply use GitHub Pages to make that. I’ll then link it on my LinkedIn profile and other such places.
  • I am trying to increase the work hours. My aim is to have solid 8 work hours per day.
  • I am reading Thinking Fast and Slow. It’s great. Before that, I read Who Moved My Cheese? Again, awesome book. I recommend you read it. I read it in one hour. It’s a small book.
  • Talking about reading, I am again getting into the habit of reading in the morning. I broke the habit for two months (June and July) but I am again back at it. I read for 30-60 mins in the morning. I also used to read in the night before going to bed. But now that time goes into blog writing so I am not able to do that for quite some time. That’s why the “Enjoying It?” status for “The Invisible Man” on My Books page says “—”. Because I haven’t started reading it since I picked it up in June.