Back to normal

I am planning to resume my daily blog posts after a break of three weeks. I need quite space and dedicated time to reflect on what’s happening. I couldn’t get that time in the past three weeks because I was living in a shared space. I like to sit down for writing after dinner but, since there is only one AC room in my house, I couldn’t get that peace of mind in the past three weeks. Now that the summer is almost gone, I can again go back to the other room.

The past three two weeks

The first week was all about choosing a health insurance policy so there’s nothing interesting about that.

The second week was very special for me.

I released a software package for the first time. Practically speaking, it’s nothing more than a drop in the ocean of software, but for me it was like climbing Mt. Everest for the first time. What I created is nothing more than taking stuff from places and putting it together but it’s still a start. I’ll gradually learn more about making software and will someday make something on my own. I have a lot to say about the whole experience, but I’ll reserve that for a separate post.

I was on vacation in the third week but I came back with stories about the history of rural India. I’ll share them in the upcoming posts.