I just released Sencilla v0.3. I fixed most of the problems I faced in the past few weeks.

What’s new?

  • New color scheme. Earlier it was too monotonous.
  • Top and bottom navigation bars.
    • Added dropdown menu to the top navigation bar. (Took a lot of time to figure this out.)
    • Added the support for site logo in the top navigation bar.
    • Rewrote social.html and added “Contact” link in the top navigation bar. Earlier it was at the bottom of the page. Also added some more social platforms to the list.
    • Restructured the bottom panel.
  • Fixed the pagination buttons.
    • Look at the Next page, previous page buttons.
  • Embedding videos
    • Embedded videos did not resize on small screens. Now they do.

For later

  • Change the background color of the inline code like this: import numpy as np.
  • Circular profile picture on the front page.
  • Shadows around the top and bottom navigation panels.
  • Change fonts.
  • A light theme. Functionality to auto-read the brower settings. A button to manually toggle the color scheme.
  • Site description doesn’t show up in the Google results.
  • Make a custom layout for homepage.