What’s happening …

  • I am working on my cosmology research project. It is not going fast but it’s moving. My attention has been divided lately among job applications, PhD applications, domestic matters and some other things.
  • I have finally started applying for jobs. I started last week, but I have already applied for too many positions. No offers yet, only rejections. I have heard from my friends that companies take a couple of weeks and sometimes a month to respond.
  • I found a part-time teaching job in my town. I am going to teach a student who is preparing to get into army school. The pay is not decent but it’s better than earning nothing.

Hobby projects are good

I started Sencilla just for fun. I was just curious about websites in general and about building custom websites. In just a few months, this hobby project has made me eligible for jobs in web development. I have seen so many positions for beginners lately that ask for basic skills like HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. Often the employers ask for some other relevant skills but I at least check some of the boxes. I am not a complete outsider to this field. Just a week ago I was going through freelance jobs on Upwork. I got reminded of my website and typed Jekyll in the search bar. I was pleasantly surprised to see that people were willing to pay for things that I regularly do with my websites. That’s when it hit me that this hobby project is very fruitful. I applied for two positions but didn’t get the job. That’s okay because it was the first time I bid for a freelancing project.

That’s it for today.