It’s been a while since I stopped writing blog posts or working on this website’s theme. I was doing all this until October last year when I got the offer for this PhD position, but then I got busy with visa applications, family, and finishing the research I was doing at that time. That went on until February when I moved to the Netherlands, but then life got even busier. Cooking all the time, meeting new people, making friends, and learning to navigate an entirely new place was a priority.

Now I am finally getting back to working on my hobbies. I like to write these blog posts, but I tend to delete them because I feel ashamed of something or the other in them. That’s not going to happen this time. I will write more carefully. (Only time will tell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: [I need to figure out a way to make the emojis work on my website. They worked before, as far as I can remember, and now they don’t. And I just realised that I could have written all this aside on a pop-up note. The reader could hover the cursor over the sign, and all this text would pop up. Clean! Now I’ve got some cool features to add to the next version of Sencilla.]) Apart from writing the blog posts, I am also back to developing the theme of this website. Sencilla 0.6.0 will be released soon after one year of inactivity. Yay! I am working on it already.

I do not feel like writing more right now, so here’s a list of things I do nowadays:

  • Cooking

    I like cooking, but I make survival food when I eat alone. I cook good meals when somebody visits me. I want to change that. Now I am going to cook fancy dishes for myself, and I’ll put the recipes here.

  • Ukulele

    I started learning Ukulele about two years ago. I kept going for a few months but then stopped because of some good reasons. That’s why we always stop, don’t we? ;-D. Now I am learning again. I started earlier this month.

  • Inline skating

    This is something I want to master. I bought the skates this summer. I have been practising in a parking lot so far, but now I want to skate more freely on the bike paths. I bought the helmet last week. Let’s see if I can get started this weekend.

Aaaannd a bunch of other things. I don’t have a list.