The dish

  • Main ingredients: potato (aloo in Hindi) and cauliflower (gobhi in Hindi)

  • Base (sauce/curry/whatever): onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, chilli, and a lot of spices

  • How to make it:

    • Make the base

      Sauce in a pan
    The sauce


  • Lightly fry the veggies to make them crispy from the outside.

    Lightly fried potatoes and cauliflower in a pan
Lightly fried potatoes and cauliflower


  • Mix it up and cook it for a few minutes

    aloo-gobhi sabzi
Aloo-gobhi sabzi


I made it for the second time today. It’s one of my favourite dishes in North Indian cuisine. I still haven’t figured out how to get that awesome taste, though. This one was pretty close. I added too many onions and tomatoes to the base; otherwise, the veggies were decently fried. The veggies were almost mashed when I cooked it for the first time. This time I could preserve the crunchiness of the veggies, but frying could have been better. Next time I will fry them in a little more oil.

I will write the recipe once I get it right.

To do for Sencilla 0.6:

I need to fix the code snippet that displays the images. It shows the closing </figure> at the bottom when I include the pictures in a list. I could get around it somehow, but now I can’t remember how I fixed it last year.