This week was very good for my taste buds. I prepared two new dishes, improved one drink, and improved one dish. Bye bye survival food. Hello tasty food!

(Fancy) Salad

Salad in a plate
My (Fancy) Salad: lettuce (or something green; I don't know what I added), tuna, feta cheese, spice mix, black pepper, tomato, olive oil

Well, the term ‘Fancy’ is subjective. As I said in the last post, a French guy might laugh at me if he heard me calling it fancy, but for me, this is the most effort I have put so far into preparing a salad. After preparing this in the same boring way for the last six months, I finally added two new ingredients to it – tomato and black pepper – and then put some effort into making it look good on the plate. I don’t have a feel for salads, so this is the only type of salad I can make so far. I am going to try something new next week.

Spinach Chicken

Spinach chicken curry with white rice
Spinach chicken curry with rice

Now this is something I know about. My taste buds are comparatively more familiar with these types of dishes, so I tend to be more creative while preparing them. I learned about this one about a week ago from YouTube, and couldn’t wait to make it myself. It turned out to be awesome!