Let’s clear the backlog. It’s been a while.

Three new dishes

Fried Rice

Fried rice in a plate
Fried rice in Indian style

When I was in Mumbai, my friends and I used to study until late at night, so we would go to this canteen around 1 am to fill our bellies. It served fried rice and a few other snacks past dinner until 2 am. I came across the recipe for fried rice a while ago, and it reminded me of the meals we had in that canteen. No, it didn’t remind me of the taste. The food in that canteen wasn’t great.

Anyway, I prepared this dish almost three weeks ago. It was delicious. The recipe suggested adding some ginger towards the end, but that was a bad idea. Of course, ginger wasn’t cooked properly, so it added a mild flavour to the rice. I don’t like the taste of raw ginger. I like to fry it in the beginning along with garlic. Next time I will add some extra in the beginning.


Red sauce pasta in a plate
First attempt at Pasta

We know some tasks are so easy to do, but we don’t dare to do them. Making pasta was one such task for me. I finally did it after avoiding it for ten months, or I attempted. My friend made red sauce pasta for me almost one year ago. I loved it, and I was aiming to get that taste. As you can see, my pasta turned out to be white instead of red, but it tasted decent.

Aloo Chicken

Aloo chicken in a plate
Aloo (Potato) chicken: Lazy dish turned into a fancy dish

I didn’t want to cook dinner that evening. I was exhausted. I needed to finish the chicken drumsticks, so I decided to throw them together with potatoes to make survival food. Ten minutes into the process, I started feeling better. I enjoy cooking, and that day it made my evening.

I made a few mistakes along the way, but they played along and enhanced the flavour. Due to tiredness, I accidentally added lime juice and yoghurt to the marinade. Usually, only one of them is used, so I thought my dish would be too sour, but that was not the case. Yoghurt made the gravy creamy, and lime made the chicken slightly sour. It was awesome. It took almost two hours to make dinner (rice and sabzi) partly because I was talking to a friend the whole time and partly because I was enjoying it. The slow cooking also enhanced the flavour. Usually, I add a little too much water in the beginning to avoid burning the food, but not this time. That was not a conscious decision. It just happened because I was talking. The food was cooked slowly, so nothing was burnt. The consistency of the sauce was perfect. Some of the chicken pieces got dissolved in the sauce and made it thicker. To top the nice sabzi, I went fancy with rice as well. Adding more spices than usual was a good idea.

Fried Rice-Pasta

Fried rice mixed with pasta
Fried rice mixed with pasta

I didn’t have all the ingredients for either of these dishes, so I decided to mix them both. It didn’t taste good, but that was mainly due to beans; adding beans to fried rice was a bad idea. I ate it to fill my stomach. It could have been a great combination, but I was just not in the mood to cook that day. I will play with this dish again.