9 March

I went to India shortly after writing the last post, ate a lot of awesome food :-D, came back to the Netherlands just one day before my birthday :-(, lived in my old apartment for 10 days like I was living in a hotel (all the stuff was packed because), moved to a new apartment in February, lived in my new apartment like I was living in a hotel for three weeks, got busy with making it a home :), and now, after one and a half month, it finally feels like home :-D. Well, almost. Some of the things will be delivered this week, so I hope that from the next week I can relax a little and start cooking good food for myself. I am sick of eating survival food. I bought a fancy multicooker + air fryer thingy, so now, in theory, I can try many different recipes, but let’s see how it goes. I also have an oven now, but I have used it only to prepare quick, survival food so far. I want to learn to bake. I know nothing about it. One day… One day I will bake a cake in it B-).

Apart from all this, ukulele and inline skating are on hold. The skatepark costs money. I don’t go outside because I am scared of falling down somewhere and freezing to death! It’s so freaking cold outside nowadays. And my Ukulele… Well, it is enjoying its life sitting in different corners of my room. I want to attend some in-person lessons. I saw that the sports centre of my university started to offer a guitar course starting this week, but it was full before I could sign up. But life is still awesome! I signed up for the hip hop course :D. I love to dance, but I don’t know any steps. Sometimes I dance like I am in a boxing match. Sometimes it looks like I am inflating the tyre of my bike with a pump. Sometimes I combine walking and boxing with the inflating tyre motion. Last Friday, I went to a club and basically jumped up and down like a monkey for three hours :-D. Now I will be able to show off some moves the next time I go to a party. MJ!

9 April

I wrote the section above on March 9 but couldn’t post it due to technical issues. Now my website setup is up and running again so I am back on the web! Anyway, things have changed since March 9.

Ukulele: My ukulele is not collecting dust anymore. I packed it in its case, and now it is sitting in the store. Cosy and warm! It would have been nice to say that it’s not collecting dust anymore because I started playing it. But, nah, not happening. I am almost on the verge of giving up. In the last month, I thought of selling it for the first time in many years. I think I don’t feel the same about it anymore (broken heart emoji). Okay, enough! On a serious note, I will keep it for some more time. I don’t want to give up just yet.

Food: Well, I am still eating survival food, but again, I am hopeful that things will change very soon. I bought chicken wings yesterday, and I have to; I have to cook them today in my shiny (still) new air fryer! This is not the first time, though, when I am thinking about doing so. In March, I bought 1 kg of chicken wings and did nothing with them. 1 kg wasted, not any more.

Hip hop: For the first week, the teacher couldn’t give the lesson, and for the next three weeks, I couldn’t go to the classes because of a knee injury and travelling. The course is seven weeks long, so I didn’t bother attending the course for the last three lessons. Next time!

Football: I made progress! I started playing football at the university in October. One week into the course, I messed up my knee and had to stop. This time, in March, I started playing again. After playing for two weeks, I messed up the same knee again (in the same way; again fell down from the bike) and had to stop. But I made progress! I played for two weeks. :D I hope that it won’t be three weeks next time. I want to complete the course. :D

Skating: Now that the ‘fantastic’ Dutch summer is right around the corner and days are getting longer, I feel like going on the streets, but I am scared of messing up my knee again. The third time is a charm anyway. I will wait for it to heal. I will flirt with swimming until then.

PS (after dinner) : I did it! They are a little burnt, but now I know how much time is too much.

Chicken wings served in a plate
(Slightly burnt) chicken wings