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Today I bought steak for the first time. :) Well, I am not sure exactly what I bought (which part or what it’s called), but it’s beef. I will cook it sometime soon.

Some thoughts

I started this website for something different, but at some point I converted into a personal blog. I started writing personal posts about two years ago, and I wrote about things that were personal on different levels. Some of them were too personal but others not so much. Whenever I wrote those posts, I always felt ashamed of something or other in them after a while, so I deleted them when the phase passed. It’s like having a photo from our teenage that we do not want to show to people. All of us have such photos yet no one wants to share them because we are ashamed of what we were. We think we are the only ones.

At some point, I was writing about my struggle as a master’s student. I wanted to share because I felt that somebody else might be going through the same or someone who’s younger than me would know that these things happen. I had one loyal reader at that time. I found out later when he told me. He was a friend from my institute. He said that he liked those posts and the idea behind sharing them. But at some point I got ashamed of something and I deleted those posts along with the ones that were too personal. I mean, first kiss level personal ;-).

When I started writing again, I thought that I was not going to write about topics that are not sustainable. By doing, I learned that emotional topics, for example, tend to be non-sustainable. We feel one thing some day and the other the next day. That’s why I restricted me to writing about cooking and my hobbies. That’s all you can see in the posts from October until December 2021. It was a conscious choice.

Writing about non-personal topics is sustainable. There is no doubt about that, but I am gradually starting to realise that it is also not too bad to show that seemingly embarassing picture of ours from our teenage to other people. Everyone has been through teenage, and many are going through it right now. They know what it’s like.

If I try to relate it to something else, I think it’s like being non-binary in this “straight” world. Disclosing their identity pose a threat to their daily life, but it also gives them strength to stand against a lot of people who look down upon them. I guess it was similar being a woman in a man’s world some decades ago. I do not remember the name, but I have read or heard about a female scientist who used to dress up like men just to fit in. It must have been very hard for her to live and work like that. Today, in many parts of the world, a woman can present herself however she wants and crush the ego of men who look down upon her just because of her sex. She can flaunt her body, her femininity, her aura instead of hiding it. Her identity would give her strength. Similarly, the identity and self-respect of a non-binary person would give them strength in this “straight” world. It gives them one more thing to embrace about themselves and one less thing to worry about. But this strength comes only if we accept our identity; that’s the important bit.

I have written about personal topics before, and I am doing it again after resisting it for a very long time, but this time it’s different. I strongly feel that I will not delete these posts after a few months.

Oooohh, too much of adult talk. Let’s go back to being a kid and enjoy cartoons.

I picked this comic (or whatever this is) from a supermarket more than a month ago, in the hope of learning Dutch from it. I haven’t read even a single page of it yet, but I took it out from my cupboard yesterday and placed it on my table so that I open it frequently. It’s working, as you can see. :) BTW, the comic is called this.

And man, adding media to my website using Instagram is so easy. I just took a picture and uploaded it to Instagram in an instant (it really lives up to its name). After that, it was just copying a link from the post and pasting it here. Done! No more copying, renaming, cropping, rescaling, compressing, moving the files. Soooooo eassyyyyyyyy! Although I do not yet know how much all this javascript is going to affect the loading speed of the page, but even if it increases it by quite a bit, I don’t think I will care much. After all, I write for myself, so I do not care how high or low these pages rank in Google search. But I’ll see.

Buenas noches!