*Takes a deep breath but he is calm today

This week was also a roller coaster but the weekend starts on a relaxing note. I am stuck at work on something for the last few months but I am starting to make some progress now. We can think only when are relaxed, and we need to think to be able to solve hard problems. But I am not calm today because I am starting to make progress at work. No. I am calm because I am regaining balance in my life. And I am able to think at work because of this peace of mind.

If you are reading my posts regularly then you would know that I made some rules for myself some time ago to live a healthy and balanced life. Now I make time for sports, leisure, hobbies, sleep, for doing nothing once in a while, and also for work. I set strict boundaries for myself so that I do not stop doing these activities. All of these are essential. I need them to stay sane.

Today I was working on my project and I was starting to understand what I was reading, but I stopped at 17:00 and went to the city centre to buy some things I needed. I had planned to buy them today. At first I thought I will buy them on Sunday but then I stopped. I just got up and left. Then I came home and watched a movie (Highway) to start the weekend.

Now I reserve the Friday evenings for myself. Some friends were going out this evening but I didn’t go with them. I wanted to be with myself. I am starting to enjoy being in my own company again after a very long time. I am an ambivert. I need to socialise but I also need to disconnect from others and be with myself. My brain gets messed up if I stop doing either of these.

Anyway, I am having a good time.

What’s new? (It’s been a while since I said this :D)

Well, let’s start with a present I bought for myself. I bought a nice (and very expensive!) perfume. I went to the shop some days ago to try the fragrances. I liked two very much that day so I tried them on both wrists. I came home and almost hated one of them. It was a woody scent. I couldn’t recognise that from the paper. I liked the other one. It has a ‘sweet’-ish scent.

Today I went to the shop after work and tried it again because I had forgotten which brand I tried and the salesperson who assisted me was also not present in the shop. But anyway, I found it at last.

There’s something I have been doing for quite some time. Whenever I buy myself something that I really like, I get it wrapped in a gift paper. I didn’t have that in my mind today but the salesperson asked me if I would like to have it wrapped. Of course, I wanted it. It was a present to myself. :-) Self love! 🤘And of course I opened it with great joy. 😄


I am going to see the tulip fields tomorrow (keukenhof.nl). It’s been a while since I travelled. What the heck! It’s been almost six months. I realised now. Well, I travelled to India but that doesn’t count. I mean travelling within or outside the Netherlands just to travel. Hmm…

I am excited about the tulip fields. 😁 I wanted to go there last year but I was a little late by the time I heard about them.


I started reading Rationality: From AI to Zombies this week. I think yesterday or the day before I was not in the mood of reading an intellectual book so I closed Rationality and scrolled in my eReader. To my surprise, I found “The new secret diary of Hendrik Groen” there! As the name suggests, it’s a sequel. I read the first book recently, and I enjoyed it. I might have downloaded the sequel as well at some point and then forgot about it. Anyway, I was very happy to see that book in my reader. I am reading it in parallel to Rationality to keep things light.


This week I started updating msaharan.com as well. I have been trying to write some posts on it since the last two weeks but I didn’t get the time. For now, I am updating some pages on that. I am adding some things that help me at work. I hate searching for the same things over and over. That’s why I have How to: Terminal page on this website. And that’s also why I have so many aliases in my Linux laptop and Mac. I also hate typing the same things over and over again. (Haha… I recalled that just two days ago I added another alias to my list: m for more. I used more command almost a dozen times and got fed up. I added the alias to the list and now I alternate between more (alias m) and vim (alias v). So easy! )

I started some pages on msaharan.com to document the things I use regularly so that I don’t have to search them on Google or in my files every time I need them. Of course, I cannot write the whole documentation on my website. I know that.

I plan to restore some old pages on msaharan.com. I had the thought this week.


I am getting more and more convinced that using Instagram to display images on this website is a bad idea in the long term. I am almost sure. 99.9% sure. (At first I wrote 99.9999% but I wasn’t comfortable with having so many significant digits in my surity level.)

My apartment

I printed almost 160 photos this week. I will put them all over on the walls of my apartment. Who needs a wallpaper when you can cover the wall with photos. 😜

I have already put some of them in my office. I am a social person. I like to mingle with people and make memories. I made some memories with the colleagues as well so I put some photos on the door of my office. Let the world see!


I want to start working on it. I already have so many ideas that I want to implement. Soon…… I will start soon…. It’s itching now.

Time taken to write this post: 1 hour 10 minutes