I am sick of this roller coaster. Okay, done! I just wanted to whine about it a little.

On a positive note, I am happy to have a beautiful plant in front of my house. Until about two weeks ago it was nothing but a bunch of sticks. Not a single leaf was there (or I didn’t notice). I have been living in this apartment for four months, and I always thought it was dead, and I wondered why the owner hasn’t gotten rid of it. I even thought of planting a new one myself.

But that plant changed completely about two weeks ago. Suddenly it had a lot of leaves and beautiful purple/blue flowers. It looks so nice with the white background of the wall. Some of it comes over my window. Even before I enjoyed looking out of my window because the view was already quite nice but now it looks even more vibrant. I will share a picture of it next week. I wanted to take a picture of it today but then I kept doing something or the other and forgot.

See, now I am sleepy. I calm down when I write.

But I can’t go to sleep right now. I have to pack my things. I am going to Maastricht tomorrow for two days for an academic event. I will do it quickly and then go to sleep.


Note: I am voilating the rule for the second time in a row (last week was the first time). Not good.