This week was a mess. The first two days were absolutely chaotic. The next two days were a mess because the first two went badly. I couldn’t sleep properly from Monday till Thursday. Then I made some more mistakes at work. The fifth day, Friday, was more or less peaceful but towards the end I regretted making those mistakes. It’s all chaotic.

I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. But I will be working this weekend.

I will update this post over the weekend with some good things. I have been very serious and whiny for sometime.

Oh, I was not by myself this Friday evening. I went to a friend’s place with other colleagues. It was nice. 😊 I did such a thing after a very long time. Felt good… But I will again be by myself from next Friday onwards. I want to make some time for Sencilla and I wanted to do it this weekend but I’ve got to do some things this weekend so I will be at the university. I will try to not go there on Sunday.

Saturday, 08:42

I am going to the farmer’s market after a very long time. I used to do that until about June last year. Then I started to buy all the things from the supermarket because they are open almost all the time whereas for the market I had to make time on Saturday mornings. I enjoyed it while I did it. It was nice to go there every saturday morning. Moreover, I might also save some money because groceries might be cheaper in the market. I am not sure about this. I tried but could never compare the prices. But they have coriander a lot cheaper than the supermarket for sure. The market usually has ripe/ready to eat fruits whereas the supermarket has slightly raw fruits so that they last long. I prefer to buy ripe fruits. It happens so often that I buy bananas from the supermarket they take almost a week to be ready. I don’t like that. It’s the same with mangoes as well.

And I am in my FCB shirt. 😁 It was a present from friends on my birthday. I wear it on Saturdays. I am slowly forming a habit of keeping Saturdays relaxed. It’s my day. One day in a week. I am going to work today from 14:00 onwards but I will go to the university in this shirt.

Oh, and am going for kickfit at 12:00. It seems that I gained almost 4 kgs of weight in one week. I am feeling heavy. I haven’t done much sports since last Friday.

No no, I went for Hip Hop on Wednesday. That was very nice. I was excited to be learning to dance for the first time in my life. I have always been fond of dancing. I enjoy it so much. I had a lot of fun in the class.

And I went for boxing on Thursday. I have been thinking about learning some form of combat sports for quite some time. I was inclined towards mixed martial arts or kick boxing but I can’t do them now because of my knee. So I started boxing. The course is 7 or 8 weeks long. I had the first session on Thursday and it was intense. It’s close to kickfit sessions in intensity. I enjoyed it. I really want to learn it.

Okay now it’s time to go to the market.

Sunday 11:41

Okay, I am a little tired of writing right now, so I will keep it short.

I went to the market and it felt so good to be there again on a Saturday morning. I roamed around for one hour just to check out all the stalls. I was enjoying being there.

This week is going to be a cooking adventure. I bought the veggies that I have never used in cooking. I didn’t want to buy the usuall veggies because I am fed up of eating survival food. I enjoy cooking and I haven’t been doing it well for a long time. I am going to make some happy meals this week. :) Almost everything is going to be new.

I bought mint, coriander, and rosemary plants but I will write about them next week. I am going to plant them outside my house. Infinite supply of mint, coriander, and rosemary! :D

There’s also a plant stall in the market. I never noticed it last year. I went there yesterday (and bought mint and stuff), but didn’t buy any plants. I will go there again next week. I liked some of them. I just need more time to decide what I want to buy for my home and office.

Oh, this reminds me, I am going to buy some ceramic pots for my house plants. I have about 12 plants and so far they are sitting on plates. They are in plastic pots that have holes on the bottom, so they need to be kept in external ceramic pots so that the soil and water doesn’t seep out of the holes. I will do it today. I checked them yesterday. The pots are expensive! I was too enthusiastic and added all the ones I liked to the cart. The total amount was about 80 euros! The heck! Then I removed some and the bill was still 50 euros. I will have another look today. I need pots. 🥺

What else….

Oh, I went to the uni yesterday around 15:00. I was there until 20:30 or so. The I came home and played video games. I am playing Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch. I am kinda stuck in that game. I need to collect a lot of money to buy a key. That key will give me access to some of the regions I have not explored. I need that key to bring back some adventure to the game. I am close. Since the last few weeks, I have been playing video games on the weekend. I am also playing Halo: Infinite on my Xbox. There too I am kinda stuck at a fight. I am fighting this alien who is very fast and powerful. I played this game last week. I made a lot of progress and reached at this stage where I fight him. I tried many times but couldn’t defeat him. I don’t think I will have time to continue Halo this weekend. Maybe next week.


I guess that’s it. I really need to get up and do other things.

bye bye!