I just wanted to take a moment to announce that Sencilla v0.6.0 is out. 🍾 🥂 😁 I am happy. I am smiling. 😊 I didn’t do much today or this week or this month or this year. It has some minor changes that I made over the course of two years since the last release. I didn’t release it earlier because I wanted to do a lot more. Anyway, it’s out. I am happy. 🥰

Buenas noches!

Update after half an hour of surprising results:

I think I messed up. I think I forgot to commit the changes from my linux laptop. I was using v0.5.1.b1 that I never released. I must have copied it from my linux laptop. I was surprised to see v0.5.0 written in the code when I opened it to give it a new name. If what I think is true then the current v0.6 is just the same as v0.5 apart from the RSS logo in the bottom bar and the Sencilla branding.

Okay. I will fix it sometime this week.

But still, I am happy to have started working on it again. 😁