It’s the weekend again!

Yesterday I went to the end of the (Dutch) world. I went to Groningen. This city is so far away that I never visited it even though I wanted to go there ever since I came to the Netherlands.

I woke up and did regular stuff I do on Saturday mornings and around 09:00 h I realised that I wanted to go somewhere. Groningen came to my mind partly because I had never been there and partly because someone at the university reminded me on Friday that I wanted to go there.

There’s a guy in the mathematics department who is quite social like me. We have a little chat whenever we see each other in the corridor. We were introduced last month when I gave a presentation in an event where people from Astro, HEP, and Math department were present. Since then we have been exhanging a few sentences whenever we saw each other. I told him on one of these occassions that I wanted to visit Groningen. I talked to him again on Friday and he asked me if I got a chance to go there. Of course I hadn’t. I am going to tell him the next time I meet him that I made it! 😄

I am not going to write much about Groningen here because I have already made several drawings about my experience. I also have a drawing diary. I draw highlights of the day at the end of the trip. Nothing fancy though. I draw stick figures. They are quite fun.

Oh, I almost forgot. I worked on Sencilla while I was on my way to Groningen. It’s so far that I had enough time to focus. It takes 3 hours to get there from Nijmegen. I fixed some bugs and progressed towards adding some new features. I want to add a sidebar on the “All posts” page to display information like catrgories, tags, or something else. I worked on that. I also want to add table of contents on long posts. I did that to some extent but it’s not finished. I am not writing it from scratch. I found a Ruby gem that does rhat. I need to congigure it according to my preferences. I also want to change the layout of the home page. I want to add some cards there to neatly arrange short information about different things. I know how to do it. I just need some time.

I want to work on my other website as well but I didn’t get the time and peace of mind this week.

That’s all for this week. I wanted to write about some topics as well on this website but I need a break from writing. I need to do nothing for some time. I need to relax.

I still haven’t bought pots for my plants. They are so expensive. I am spending a lot of money these days even though I am not doing much. I need pots.

Bye bye!