28 May, 21:25

Life is getting better again. Right now I feel like going outside more than writing, so I am going to the river. It’s my favourite place in Nijmegen. I’ll be back.

28 May, 23:47

Just got back. Had a lovely time. :)

This evening reminded me of my time in Mumbai and Delhi.

During my time in Delhi, I used to go out by myself quite often. I would just get on a metro and go to south Delhi. Sometimes I would stop at a random metro station. Sometimes I would go to Cannaught Place. I often went to Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib. All those excursions were my escape from people. I wanted to spend some time alone. I enjoyed them, especially the visits to gurudwara. I did that often when I wanted to be by myself. Sometimes I didn’t want to go too far so I would go on the roof of my apartment and sit there by myself. All these places were my spots in Delhi.

I did something similar when I was in Mumbai. I would go to Marine Drive and sit there by myself. There was a shop where I liked to eat vada pav. That’s the only place in Mumbai (I didn’t explore many to begin with) where I really liked vada pav. I would go there, have vada pav, and then go to the beach. I would have a walk at the beach or at marine drive. I enjoyed those moments. Marine drive and TIFR’s seashore were my spots in Mumbai. I went there by myself when I needed some peace of mind.

The riverside in Nijmegen is such a spot for me here. I go there when I want some peace of mind. I enjoy walking there. It reminds me of all those moments I had with myself in Delhi and Mumbai. It reminds me that I have always been like this. I have always enjoyed my own company. I have always made memories with myself like this.

I have always liked the riverside here, but today I realised that it also provides me with something that I missed so far: sitting under open sky at night. I like being under open sky at night very much. The cold breeze, some clouds, or if not, then some stars, and the view of the city. Same old things that I enjoyed on the roof of my apartment in Delhi and on the seashore at TIFR.

I spent more than an hour at the river this evening. Then while I was walking back from there to my apartment, I stopped at a cafe I like for a drink. It’s quite cold today. It’s around 8 degrees outside. I wanted something alcoholic but warm; something like Glühwein. That was not a regular drink on the menu but the bartender gave me exactly what I wanted. I will go back to that place again.

I am calm. I am sleepy. I am relaxed.

Oh, BTW, I went to Amsterdam today to see the World Press Photo Exhibition. I enjoyed it. I like photography. It’s wonderful how much we can convey through photos. I liked it. I won’t say more because I want to relax for now.

goedenacht! buenas noches! shab-ba-khair! shubh ratri! good night! :)