Updates from this week:

  • I enjoyed spinning. It was very intense. While doing that, I felt my knee was not happy, and I thought it would hurt after the session, but it was okay. No problems. I would like to go for spinning again.
  • This week I enjoyed hip hop and boxing as well because I was mentally relaxed. Boxing training is also quite intense. I like it.
  • I broke down on Thursday evening and binge-watched a tv-series until 4 am, so I took a day off on Friday. I fixed myself by going to the gym on Saturday.
  • I am enjoying going to the gym more and more with time. I like it. Now I am doing some more exercises than what I started with. I can lift heavier weights. It feels good. I feel exhausted after training.

I was writing about a topic yesterday but couldn’t finish it. I didn’t have the time for it today. I was busy procrastinating on packing my things, buying birthday presents for my cousins, and talking to my relatives. I will post it some other time. I am going to Spain for a conference. I leave tomorrow early in the morning, and I will be back on Saturday. I haven’t packed my things yet.