Ciao, chicos and chicas!

Alright I am back. I missed one week for the first time in almost two or three months.

Well, whatever. I am kinda freaking out right now. I am going to present in a summer school. I know I can do it. I am just freaking out cuz why not. Okay okay…. whatever, I can’t explain everything here. It’s all good! I am looking forward to the school. :D

Okay, what’s up? Life is good! I am back to being my awesome self. Oh! A news! I bought pots for my plants, and I also bought many more nice plants from a shop. I bought one plant that gets quite long. My vision is to spread it all across the apartment as it grows. Three plants are just… plants. They look nice. One plant has flower bud like things but I don’t think those are flower buds. Anyway, this plant also looks nice. It might grow flowers but I am not sure. Now I have 12 plants in my house.

I bought one plant for my office as well. I already had two in my office. I planted them and I take care of them. I was missing a long plant in the office, so I bought one. This one grows very long with time. My vision for office as well is to have this plant spread all over the room. I will take care of it. I will make sure that happens.

Aah, I recall, last time I was talking about travelling and about roller coasters. First things first, I did not go to the beach last weekend. The weather was shitty, first of all, and on top of that I did not manage myself well in the last two weeks. That’s why I missed last week’s post as well. Details…

Anyway, I asked people an found that there’s a nice theme part in the Netherlands. Until now I was really hoping that I would go there next weekend, but now I read the mail about my presentation in the summer school and I am kinda freaking out about taking some time off next weekend. I should. I know. I will try to. I will just work very efficiently the whole week (we know how it goes in practice but let’s see), and then I will go to that theme park next weekend. *exhales

Let me check how far that thing is.

Hmm…. it takes 2.5 hours one way. I checked. The tickets are available. The rides are exciting. But can I do it the next weekend? Hmm.. I am not sure. I want to. But I have got to plan and prioritise. Okay, let’s see how it goes. I will try to fit this theme park in my schedule, but I can’t commit right now. I have got to have a good look at the things I have to do in the coming days before the summer school. I will do that tomorrow morning.

Okay, enough for today.

bye bye…

PS: Oh, and I totally forgot to write about the highlight of the week. I bought a blackboard for my apartment! :D :D :D It’s big enough for me to have fun with it. It’s 120 cms x 90 cms. :D :D :D :D

I am excited about this. Ever since my high school, I have always wanted a blackboard in my room. Finally, I have it!

okay, adios! now I gotta sleep.