I noticed that nowadays I look up to people of Indian origin who came outside of India and made their name. It’s happening more often than before. Perhaps it is because I am an ethnic minority here and now I am feeling the effects more than I did before. I don’t want to go into why and how. All I want to say is that I think this is similar to how any other minority feels when someone from their community achieves a powerful position. They also feel a little more powerful and confident, and at the same time pressure on opposing members of the majority increases. That’s why it is important to have members of minorities at the top level of any organisation that aims to foster an inclusive environment. This is a very good way to give voice to minority.

To add a little more, I have a very strong Indian person at my university. We do not talk much. In the last two years I have spoken to him not more than 15 minutes in total. But every time we pass by, there is a slight nod with a hint of empathy. It feels good. I never expected to have this community-like exchange with him but it did happen quite naturally. I look up to him too.