Hello, hello, hello…

This night reminds me of the nights from my TIFR days. It’s late at night. A deadline is close. I have been procrastinating quite a lot lately.

(I am grinning. I don’t know why. Nostalgia maybe…)

Alright, the situation is that I need to get this one thing done, and I haven’t been able to get started with that lately. I worked on it quite a bit a few days ago but could not gain momentum. Now the deadline is on Monday evening and whatever feeble reputation I have is on the line. I will either disappoint people or I will gain a lot of +XP. I want the latter.

I have to review a huge paper. Not just that, I am also going to summarise my work from the last year. I will make a report out of the whole thing. There’s more but let’s not get into it now. I need strength. 😜

I read the paper a few days ago. I made some points. I highlighted what I need to focus on. Now I need to go through it again and start writing the important parts.

I will do all this tonight. This blog will be my companion, like the old days when I was close to finishing my master’s.

Now playing: This is Pink Floyd from Spotify… See ya! (20:44)

22:19 It’s going great! Now playing: Us and Them by Pink Floyd.

23:24 Still good! Now playing: Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Kuch from Chai and Classics on Spotify.

01:06 Going well. Took a short break. Back now. Now playing: This is Led Zepplin. I need some energy!

02:16 All good! Now playing: Kun Faya Kun

3:30 Okay, that’s it. I am going to sleep. Of course, I did not meet the unrealistic expectations, but I made a lot of progress. I will contonue during the day.