चलती का नाम ज़िंदगी

Haha, we resist change but change is inevitable. It’s hard to get used to a change but an unchanging life is equivalent to being dead. है कि नहीं?

What’s up?

Life’s good! I am planning to have my parents here in March. I have already booked the flights. Now I need to arrange visa and other documents for them. I will do some of it this week. They are going to stay with me so I need to arrange a sponsorship letter for them from the municipality. I must do it tomorrow.

They cheer up so much every time we talk about them being here. My father, especially, is very enthusiastic. He has been bugging me for this ever since I got this position. He likes to travel. He really wants to see Europe. My mom also gets a little excited but not like my father. Perhaps because she has seen a lot of it on YouTube. She follows some vlog channels. 😄

Sometimes they (mostly my mom) feel very low because they can’t see me much, but then I remind them of all the good things happening in our lives now that would not have happened had I stayed there. My mom was very sad on Diwali because everyone’s kids in the neighbourhood were at home and I was here. But then I consoled her by reminding here of all the good things. She was happy afterwards. :)

I felt her pain this Christmas. Everybody went to their families. I could not. I really missed them a lot during the last few weeks whenever I got out and saw other people’s houses decorated with lights. But hey! This is life! हर समय दोनो हाथों में लड्डू रखेंगे तो सुबह पिछवाड़ा कैसे साफ़ करेंगे! 😜 It’s good to have a bit of everything rather than a lot of one thing.

ठीक है, बहुत हुआ। अब ख़ाना बनाना है। tata!