I can have intense mood swings and today was such a day. I was annoyed the whole day. I went to karate class and was annoyed even there. I came back, freshened up, cooked dinner with an annoyed face, and then suddenly I jokingly laughed about the thing that made me upset the whole day. The mood changed instantly and the annoying feeling disappeared.

Huh… I think I have been listening to Lex Fridman too much over the last two days. He talks about interesting things but I have to balance his monotonous, depressing voice with something funny and exciting. Back to The Kapil Sharma Show from tomorrow! I will listen to Lex during workouts and travelling.

I booked the visa appointment for my parents. It feels like I climbed a mountain. Partly because I have been putting it off since almost one month, and partly because the website of VFSGlobal is shit! It’s just shit! I won’t spend any more time thinking about VFSGlobal than I already have so let’s just let it go. You will know when you deal with it.