It was a good day. I didn’t sleep properly last night, so I arrived late at work. But the day went very well. I worked till late. I got things done.

It’s a special day. Now I have been in the Netherlands for two years. It has been such a rollercoaster ride. It feels like it all started yesterday when I was perplexed by everything I saw around me. I settled down very slowly. Made mistakes, learned from them. Made friends, lost friends. Fell in love again, messed up again despite all the learning. :p Learned to live. Learned to work. Learned so many things that a blog post can’t even contain. It was very hard at times but it was also very exciting at other times. I was homesick for the first time in my life, but at times I was also the most satisfied I have ever been in my life. The last two years were like drinking mixed fruit juice. Everything is in there whether you like it or not. But it’s good for you. It makes you strong.

I don’t have time today. I have to get up early for teaching. I will write in detail sometime later. Until then, take care! shab bakhair!