A good day again. This week hasn’t been good in a sense that I haven’t been eating well. I could not go grocery shopping to the Saturday market last week, and I have been suffering the whole week. I did not want to buy from the supermarket. I have this thing that I get used to doing one thing and then I have difficulty in changing it.

I have not been eating well. I feel the effect of bad food on my body. Nowadays I prefer to eat well. I feel light when I eat my usual diet. I feel more flexible, light, energetic.

I went for boxing today. We trained to fight each other. I had fun! This is Boxing Intermediate group so people are much more skilled than Boxing Beginner, the course I did two times last year. I am enjoying this one. Today we fought each other. I often get lost in my own thoughts even when I go for karate or boxing, but now I would have to be mentally present in the game at all times. Today I was training with a guy who was more skilled than me. I lost focus briefly and got punched in my face right then.

Karate is also getting intense now. This week’s session was embarrassing for me. I was not mentally present. I was very upset. I had gone to the gym the day before and my body had not recovered until then so I couldn’t even do my best in training. I usually try to give my 100% in training in boxing and karate because I really want to learn. This time I could see that the karate teacher was disappointed in me. I will do better next time. I really don’t like it when my training partner doesn’t do well or when they don’t try their best. I don’t want to be that partner to someone else. I was that partner to one person already in karate this week. Not again…

I am awake until now because I was procrastinating on preparing the documents for my parents’ upcoming visa appointment. No, I still did not do it. I came home after boxing at 21:30. Then I did a bunch of things avoiding the real task. I thought I will stay up all night and get this and some work stuff done. Soon it was too late and I thought I will do it in the morning. It’s always like that… I will do it in the morning… Surely… 😕

I don’t like to do so many things so I avoid it until I absolutely have to do it. I have prepared almost all the documents for them. I did some of that today. I am yet to buy health insurance. I am also yet to book a hotel for them. Oh and I need to tell them what to print, send them all the documents and a few more documents at home they would need. Their appointment is on 7th. The will go to Jalandhar on 6th. It’s 3 today. I still have 3 days to do all this including today.

Let’s just go to sleep and the world would probably sort itself out by morning.

शुभ रात्री!