I am seasonal with most people and most of the things I do. (I am fine with it, just to be clear.)

An unrelated thought:

I realise from time to time that life is slowly sucking the fun out of me. One PhD in my office, who finished recently, used to call me an adrenaline junkie, the fun and annoying kid of the office… Now another PhD who is one year behind me calls me a senior PhD. Hmmm… I am growing old… I must keep my inner kid alive! 😤 But responsibilities, man, responsibilities and other adults around me… I guess that’s how this sucking happens…

Enough for today. Now I need to get some work done. F*g adult life… I miss being 3 months into my PhD. Good old days… It’s just like being a kid vs adult. We have all the power, independence, money as adults. We love the perks of being an adult but every once in a while we crave being a kid.

I am not an adult yet. I am a teenager. I am allowed to go out and about on my own but I still go home to my parents in the evening. Now it’s that phase of my PhD.