I am very happy. I am jumping around with joy. My parents will be here on Tuesday.

At first the trip almost got cancelled because I didn’t start the process for a long time. Then it almost got cancelled because the embassy took a long time to process my father’s application, and on top of that, VFSGlobal is a shitty company. They messed up the passport delivery address. We somehow managed to get the passport back yesterday and found out that both of them got the visa. Now it’s happening, finally. Everything worked out in the end. Now I hope they have a pleasant journey. They are not frequent travellers, and it’s their first time outside of India, so they are a bit nervous, which is natural. They will have troubles during the journey due to being new to the process, due to not being well literate, due to language barrier, but I have made all arrangements to make their journey as comfortable as possible.

The table has turned… Upto a certain time in life our parents worry about us. They help us navigate through daily life. They take care of us. They know what we need and keep those things ready in advance. Since the last few years my parents and I have switched places, more or less. Now I am in the parental role. I feel concerned about them. I make arrangements for them, often in daily life too. Quite often I know before them what they would need and I take care of it in advance. It’s a cycle of life.

I am happy. I am proud of myself for making this trip happen. I love them. I hope they have a happy journey and a wonderful stay here. ☺️