Every aspect of our life is affected by our ability to manage people. Friends, relationships, work, family, our own health, our happiness, our careers, our promotions, our brand, our company, our country (Putin 👀)… Nothing lasts if we mistreat people. Not even mistreat, just mishandle people.

How we handle people depends first and foremost on our personality. Our natural response comes from that. I wouldn’t say there is a good or bad personality type but there are pros and cons of every personality type in different situations.

The second factor that affects how we handle people is our consciousness. We learn to be polite, gentle, kind, openminded, etc. If we do not have these traits naturally, we behave as long as we remember these traits, and we forget as soon as we become overwhelmed by something else. We cannot mask our personalities without slipping, so we have more problems in some situations as compared to the other situations.

enough for tonight…gn