I am still on my way but I need to change my approach. I need to write. It helps me stay in shape without bothering other people. But I also want to write in a structured manner. That was my aim for this year. I will make it work.

Later today:

I thought about it. I will write about the things I am focusing on these days: karate and Dutch language.


I have been learning karate since almost eight months. I trained at the university for the first five months, after which I joined the club where the teacher teaches privately. I have been training there since June. The training takes place in a dojo twice a week. I trained there in June. July and August are holiday months, so training was in a forest instead of the dojo and only once a week so, essentially, I trained for only one month so far.

I have been decent at sports since early age, which also helped me with karate. I picked up the exercises relatively quickly. I have decent intuition while attacking and defending. But I suffer at doing kata, which are sequences of steps we need to learn. Additionally, I need to learn some Japanese words to understand the instructions while training, which includes counting up to 10 in Japanese, the names of exercises, the names of kicks and punches, formal greetings… (I guess that’s all the Japanese I need to learn…) I have the resources to learn all this. I need to put time into learning it regularly. I will make a schedule to do this homework. I will write about what I learned. The goal is to reach 5th kyu grade by November. That’s when we have the exam. In simple words, I am just a beginner right now. There are ten levels between a beginner and the black belt. I am aiming to reach half way in two months. (I just realised I have only two months… 🫠 A man has to dream…) I am fairly confident I can do it if I put in the time.

Dutch language

After living in the Netherlands for two and a half years, I can understand bits and pieces in a conversation if someone speaks slowly. I want to get better at this language. I don’t get to practice conversing in Dutch daily because everybody switches to English when they see the person does not know Dutch, which has been really helpful to me so far as I did not have the pressure to learn the language, but now I want to learn it. I purchased a book two years ago when I took an introductory course to learn Dutch. I can use that book to reach A1 level. The karate training is also in Dutch because everyone in the club speaks Dutch. People are friendly. They switch to English every now and then to keep me included in the conversation. Now I can use that atmosphere to my advantage. I will learn Dutch words and phrases at home. I will tell them I am learning so they don’t switch to English while talking to me. I will progress faster this way. I will write here about the things I learned. The goal is to reach A1 level by December. It is a reasonable goal. I should be able to do it. I took a course two years ago to reach half-way A1 level. Now I have better understanding of the language so reaching A1 level by self-study seems doable to me.