Snowstorm Darcy in the Netherlands

  • 7 February 2021
A kid pulling another kid on a sledge
A family of four was passing by and the kids were doing this.
A person pulling the handle of the car's door that is stuck due to snow.
It happened to someone who lives on my floor. She was going out to buy groceries and found the car's door stuck due to snow. Later on, she asked on the WhatsApp group if someone else could take her to the store with them.
Sitting by the window and drawing
This is me. I sat by the window and enjoyed.


This room was my official sitting place in TIFR for two years. It’s the last room at the far end of TIFR’s campus. Nobody comes here. Sometimes not even the sweepers!

Room number D429
Depiction of an actual night in D429. That's me on the top left, capturing this exact moment with my drawing tablet.

Mug shot


  1. a digital drawing for the first time
  2. a portrait without reference for the first time
Sketch of a bald man


Getting better with charcoal.

Joker drawing

Snowy Mountains

I tried both the landscape and charcoal for the first time and it wasn’t a great experience as you can guess. Charcoal itself is very hard to handle for beginners and, on top of that, I was going out of my league. I continued with charcoal, but this was the first and the last time I tried drawing a landscape.

Drawing of a road disappearing into the mountains


This would have been very interesting if I knew about charcoal pencils at that time.

Sketch of a lion's head

Some guy

whose name you can’t guess from this sketch. Try this image! No? Well, he is.

Sketch of Mohit Chauhan

A clown with a helmet

A friend posed for a photo like that. I made this at the back of my notebook.

Man in a funny pose